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Introducing a range of unique AI-powered tools for analyzing and visualizing speech signals, as well as voice-controlled video games to accompany people with speech impediments on their rehabilitation journey. Our ambition is to provide the world of speech therapy with cutting-edge gaming and audio processing technologies.


speed up
speech disorder rehabilitation by


[coming soon]: post-processing audio engines for measuring and identifying a wide range of speech disfluencies, including stuttering (blocks, repetitions, and prolongations of sounds) with unparalleled accuracy. 

[coming soon]: real-time speech visualization tools allowing speech and language therapists to provide instant feedback to their patients, facilitating faster progress and improved outcomes. 

[coming soon]: unseen voice controlled games fostering self-awareness and control over speech production, designed for motivating young patients to continuously practice their daily exercises between appointments with the speech therapist.

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Cloudy Mountain
Willing to help ?

We're looking for volunteers, regardless of their technical background, to help us implement tools and games the world of speech therapy deserves.

Whether you want to share ideas, send voice recordings, or engage in coding, the opportunities to create a meaningful impact are vast.


If our vision resonates with you, join us and be part of the vocametrix adventure!

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