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Introducing a suite of AI-powered tools that assist speech therapists in extracting valuable insights from audio content, as well as voice-controlled video games specifically crafted to aid individuals with speech impediments during their rehabilitation journey. Our ambition is to empower the field of speech therapy with state-of-the-art technologies, ultimately improving therapy outcomes.


explore our range of tools:


An intuitive web portal featuring AI-driven audio engines dedicated to analyzing speech recordings from patients. This user-friendly tool includes capabilities like speech-to-text transcription, speech-to-IPA conversion, loudness assessment, detailed analysis of pitch and formants, voice flow evaluation, disfluency analysis, and much more.


Check out our beta-test version by clicking on the image or here

​[coming soon]: An effortlessly simple and engaging web interface, designed for real-time speech visualization. Tailored for both patients and speech therapists, this platform delivers immediate visual feedback on key metrics, streamlining the path to faster progress and enhanced therapeutic results with its exceptional ease of use.

[coming soon]: A range of voice controlled games fostering self-awareness and control over speech production, designed for motivating patients to continuously practice their daily exercises between appointments with the speech therapist.

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Willing to help ?

We're looking for volunteers, regardless of their technical background, to help us implement tools and games the world of speech therapy deserves.

Whether you want to share ideas, send voice recordings, or engage in coding, the opportunities to create a meaningful impact are vast.


If our vision resonates with you, join us and be part of the vocametrix adventure!

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